Governing Board

As an independent charter school authorized by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), an independent board governs Community Preparatory Academy (CPA). The board oversees all aspects of CPA, ensuring that the school’s mission is fulfilled and bearing the fiduciary responsibility of managing public and private funds.  The board’s role is to oversee the vision, mission, school performance and overall school operations to ensure the fulfillment of Community Preparatory Academy’s charter, related school policies, as well as local, state and federal laws and regulations.


Structure and Composition

The Governing Board is comprised of individuals who embodying expertise and experience in areas such as: education, finance, business, technology, management, law, accounting, and human services.

The board holds elections for expiring positions at the end of each school year.

The Executive Director is granted the privilege of voice at board meetings but does not vote. The Executive Director, hired by the board, is charged with the day-to-day management of CPA.

Board Meetings

The board meets monthly with the exception of July. The current Governing Board Meeting Calendar is posted below. Board meetings are public and adhere to Government Code Section 54950-54963, known as the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Board Minutes

Following every board meeting, board-approved minutes from previous meeting/s are posted. These documents detail discussions, policies and actions taken by the Governing Board

Board Contact Information
To contact the CPA Governing Board, please use this address:

Community Preparatory Academy
Governing Board
3651 S. La Brea Ave., #504
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Members of the Governing Board:

Aaron Anderson, M.S.

Aaron is a Vice President with CBRE where he uses his expertise in commercial real estate to assist charter schools throughout Southern and Northern California to meet their facilities needs. A graduate of UCLA, Aaron is knowledgeable about the nuances of charter financing and sensitive to the mission and vision of school communities. His participation on the board follows a long-standing commitment to supporting progressive educational opportunities for students and families.

Shilby Guillory, PhD

Shilby is a site administrator of an LAUSD elementary school where she is responsible for the schools operations and instructional program. A graduate of USC, Shilby is a passionate educator who believes in the importance of providing a differentiated and culturally responsive, technology-embedded curriculum. She brings a keen focus on intervention and integration of the new common core standards to the school’s design.

Rev. Eric Lee

Rev. Lee is a respected advocate and member of the greater Los Angeles community where is serves as the President of the Black Community, Clergy and Labor Alliance. A graduate of UC Berkeley and Azusa Pacific University, Rev. Lee has established himself as a champion for school reform and has put his support behind many initiatives within LAUSD that have resulted in improvement and change for all students. Rev. Lee brings this same enthusiasm to Community Preparatory Academy where it is our aim to put students first and make decisions that will result in maximized achievement.

Denise Spears

Denise is a local realtor and highly engaged parent with Community Preparatory Academy. She has first-hand knowledge of the community served by the school and brings a host of professional contacts to enrich our students’ experiences. A graduate of the University of California Irvine, Denise has an infectious enthusiasm and passion for education. She brings to CPA a background in finance and accountability as well as a true dedication to the growth and development of the school program coupled with a particular interest in creating meaningful home-school connections for all families.