Bell Schedule

**This schedule is subject to change based on instructional needs by grade level. Grades K-5 are dismissed at 2:30 pm and Grades 6-8 at 2:46 pm daily except Wednesdays. All grades are dismissed early on Wednesdays at 12:15 p.m.

  • 7:15- 7:30 Arrival
  • 7:30  Morning Meeting
  • 7:45 Math via Technology
  • 8:30 Language Arts
  • 10:00 Community Read
  • 10:15 Nutrition & Recess
  • 10:35 Math
  • 11:25 Lunch & Recess
  • 12:10 Social Science/Science/P.E. & Health/Art & Music
  • 1:35 Literacy and Choice Centers
  • 2:00 Afternoon Meeting
  • 2:30 Dismissal


Community Preparatory Academy follows the California State Frameworks and Common Core Standards ensuring that students develop competence in skills and mastery of standards for each grade level. Additionally, curriculum is taught strategically in a sequential manner to ensure that students master particular skills and knowledge at designated points in time, building early skills as the foundation for more complex higher-order skills and knowledge.

Community Preparatory Academy implements curriculum based on proven models of education such as Resnick’s Principles of Learning, constructivism, project-based learning, a balance/whole child approach and intensive family involvement. It is important to note that explicit instruction of basic skills, the presentation of factual information, and intensive intervention for struggling learners will also occupy important roles in our balanced instructional approach. We believe that a deep foundation of standards-based factual knowledge is necessary to develop accurate understanding of complex concepts. Consequently, the explicit teaching of facts, information, and skills will play an important role in developing student comprehension and content mastery across each academic discipline.