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May 11, 2017
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August 11, 2017

CPA does not offer a Breakfast in the Classroom program.  Please provide your child with a nutritious breakfast prior to arriving at school.  Lunch will be provided by The Hungry Tots.

The Hungry Tots is a meal delivery company dedicated to changing the way kids eat. Every component is prepared using fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. They make everything from scratch including sauces, baked goods and breads. Now you can feed your child without worrying about their nutrition! Menu Menus change every month, offering one main dish along with 2 side dishes. You may choose to have your lunches prepared with either organic or non-organic ingredients. There is also an option of purchasing 2% milk for an additional $1. Menus are available two weeks prior to the new month.

How to Order

1. Visit

2. Create an account. Please make sure to enter your child’s name and school.

3. Click on the order tab and select the desired page.

4. Enter passcode.

Kindergarten – 5th Grade: lunchtime 

6th – 8th Grade: organic

5. Select the meals you would like to order and how many you would like. Check out!

Last minute orders can be placed up to 24 hours the day before, by 12pm. To receive a full refund, lunches must be cancelled by 6am the day lunch is served. Any lunches cancelled after 7am the day of the lunch will not receive any credit.

Price Breakdown Non-organic  $6.00 per lunch vs Organic $5.00 per lunch

For any questions, please contact The Hungry Tots:

Email or call (323) 207-8749

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